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uAvionix, AirMarket collaborate on UTM trials

April 12, 2021  By Naomi Szeben

uAvionix Corp. of Bigfork, Montana, and AirMarket Inc. of Edmonton, Alberta, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to formalize uAvionix’s participation with the AirMarket-led team that is conducting Energy UTM Trials (EUT) focused on the energy sector. uAvionix UTM is referred to as RTM in Canada, or Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Traffic Management.

The EUT is taking place in northern Alberta and is designed to test AirMarket’s cellular-enabled UTM system architecture and BVLOS drone operations within a commercial context. These trials are conducted with both Transport Canada and NAV CANADA and will provide data to inform the regulatory development process and national plan for UTM and BVLOS. The trials are being conducted in a real-world environment over an active pipeline corridor.

“Our emphasis is on real-world application for UTM services,” said Lindsay Mohr, CEO of AirMarket. “We are partnered with the telecommunications & energy sectors and working closely with regulators to build the business.”

uAvionix explains its involvement illustrates how Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) technology can contribute to the safety net and integration with manned aviation over an overall cellular-connected UTM architecture. The incorporation of uAvionix’s SkyLine Command & Control (C2) architecture, Traffic Information Services-Broadcast (TIS-B) and Flight Information Services-Broadcast (FIS-B) products into the AirMarket architecture, explains uAvionix, are designed to bridge the gap between traditional and remotely piloted aircraft by increasing situational awareness and ensuring a certifiable solution aimed at meeting the expected tough regulatory demands on this type of BVLOS operations.


“We think that ADS-B and the SkyLine certifiable C2 solution has a major role to play in UTM,” added Cyriel Kronenburg, VP International Development at uAvionix. “These trials provide an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to the industry and to Canadian regulators how managed infrastructure applications can enhance the safety case for BVLOS operations for both C2 and Detect and Avoid applications.”

AirMarket focuses on the areas of UTM and of the connectivity required for BVLOS operations at scale, as well as UTM and BVLOS regulatory issues and its development of the SKYLINK UTM architecture. AirMarket also has specific expertise in the telecommunications and natural resource sectors. AirMarket’s strategic partners in the Energy UTM trial are TELUS Corp., ASTRA UTM and the Petroleum Association of Canada.


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