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UAVs aiding Canadian relief teams in Nepal

April 29, 2015  By CBC News

April 29, 2015, Nepal - From the ground in Nepal, the chaos would have been immediate and terrifying. From the skies above, the scope of the tragedy came into sharper focus after Saturday's 7.8-magnitude quake — a vast disaster zone with a death toll that has since climbed past 4,600 and turned UNESCO heritage sites such as the Dharahara Tower Hindu shrine into rubble.

Many of those striking aerial images were shot by drones gliding
above, the kind of eye-in-the-sky technology that Canadian relief teams
will begin deploying as soon as today over the stricken mountainous
areas between India and Tibet.

As these robotic flyers do their work, the American Red Cross is
among the agencies that will be watching. Camera-carrying drones have
become the latest tool for emergency responders to pin-point where aid
is needed.

Earlier this month, the organization's vice-president of disaster
cycle services, Richard Reed, met with the Washington-based drone
services company Measure to discuss the use of unmanned aerial vehicles
(UAVs) for disaster response within the U.S. | READ MORE



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