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UEC predicts up to twenty per cent market share by 2035

May 26, 2021  By Naomi Szeben

UEC is renown for two motors: TV3-117/VK-2500 and TV7-117V. The corporation’s market share in 2019-2020 amounted to around 10 to 12 percent, according Yuri Shmotin, Deputy General Director – General Designer of the United Engine Corporation.

He predicts a planned increase in market share to 18-20 per cent by 2035. The main driver for growth will be the launch of VK-650V and 1600V engines, as well as the adaptation of the entire model range of Russian helicopter engines to foreign platforms in the UEC’s traditional sales markets, Southeast Asia”, added the General Designer.

Shmotin added that the share of helicopter engines in the UEC revenue structure is currently about 6-9 per cent. “Considering that 95 per cent of the fleet used by the state aviation consists of helicopters with engines that were produced in Ukraine until 2015, revenue is not considered as main indicator for UEC. The state’s defence capability and maintaining the export potential of Russian helicopter technology in the international market is a higher priority” he said in a statement.

UEC is the sole Russian manufacturer of engines for light and medium helicopters.



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