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Winnipeg’s StandardAero fortifies its rental engine pool

November 5, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

Nov. 5, 2013, Tempe, Az. - StandardAero’s Helicopters business in Winnipeg, Man., has invested nearly $3 million in new Rolls-Royce M250 and RR300 engines to use in its rental pool of engines. A mix of five M250-C47B engines and one RR300 engine was recently purchased from Rolls-Royce to bolster the rental fleet.

This purchase increases the total investment in the rental pool to more than $10 million. The pool now contains 25 engines (eight of which are M250-C47B) and an additional 20 engine equivalents separated into turbine, compressor, and gearbox modules – plus a RR300 engine. A separate purchase of four new hydro-mechanical units (HMUs) has increased the C40/47 exchange pool to 19 units.

"For most operators, downtime presents a real and challenging scenario – especially during the peak flying months. When engines have been sent out for maintenance, the aircraft is out of commission unless there is a spare engine available,” noted Manny Atwal, vice president, Helicopter programs. “As important as spares are for scheduled MRO, they are doubly important for unscheduled maintenance events as the operator would not have planned for that downtime.”

“This increase in our rental pool helps us to more effectively serve our customers’ rental and leasing requirements,” said Brian Hughes, director sales, marketing and business development, helicopter programs. “We have made this significant investment because we believe in providing our customers with world-class service; expanding our rental pool allows us to offer greater flexibility to our customers’ needs.”



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