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NAV CANADA July traffic figures

August 21, 2020  By Helicopters Staff

NAV CANADA published its traffic figures for the month of July, as measured in weighted charging units for its enroute, terminal and oceanic air navigation services. Weighted charging units are a traffic measure that reflect the number of flights, aircraft size and distance flown in Canadian airspace.

The daily average of overall aircraft traffic in July 2020 decreased by an average of 67.6 per cent, according to NAV CANADA’s report, when compared to the same month in 2019. This includes a 41.1 per cent decrease in the daily average of domestic charging units, which dropped from 7,428 in July 2019 to 4,378 in July 2020.

The daily average of international traffic originating out of Canada dropped by 79.3 per cent, from a daily average of 536 in July of last year to 111 this year. The daily average of transborder traffic into the United States saw the largest drop from 1,542 to just 217 charging units.

Looking at Canada’s four largest airports, again comparing July 2020 average daily movements to those in July 2019, Vancouver YVR movements decreased by 64 per cent from 1,069 in July 2019 to 390 in July 2020; Calgary YYC movements decreased by 61 per cent year over year, from 695 to 268; Toronto YYZ decreased by 79 per cent, from 1,351 to 319; and Montreal YUL decreased by 72 per cent, from 723 to 200.


Cargo represented 15 per cent of all flights in Canadian air space during July 2020, up from 11 per cent in July 2019. (Image: NAV Canada)

NAV CANDA’s figures show cargo represented 15 per cent of all flights in Canadian air space during July 2020, up from 11 per cent in July 2019. Domestic cargo traffic in July 2020 decreased as a percentage of all cargo flights, moving from 87 per cent in July 2019 to 78 per cent in July 2020 – remembering again that cargo overall increased by four per cent. This relative decrease in domestic cargo traffic is primarily based on a significant increase in U.S. cargo overflights, which moved from nine per cent in July 2019 to 17 per cent in July 2020.

NAV CANADA’s figures also show Canadian international and transborder cargo flights increased in July 2020 to represent five per cent of all cargo flights, compared with three per cent in July 2019.

The month of July 2020 also saw 7,440 air ambulance arrivals and departures, which accounted for 1,075 distinct routes and the connection of more than 450 Canadian communities.


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