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AFS, Kawak Introduce New FAST Fill Hydraulic Pump

March 17, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

March 17, 2011, Calgary - Absolute Fire Solutions (AFS) and Kawak Aviation Technologies (Kawak) have announced the co-development of a new bucket-mounted powered fill solution for heavy helicopter operators.

The new product, called FAST Fill Hydraulic, provides operators with a high-volume, ultra-lightweight powered fill option weighing only 32 pounds, and uses the proven Kawak auxiliary hydraulic technology to provide pump power. The FAST Fill Hydraulic mounts on a cam-lock style manifold inside the FAST Bucket, and provides fill rates between 1000 and 2200 gallons (3750-8250L) per minute, depending on the size of the intake manifold selected and the pump flow capacity.

"The development with AFS has helped Kawak to meet operator demands to adapt our technology for use in bucketing operations", said Mike Reightley, Kawak President. "Many of our current clients are using our hydraulic technology for tanked operations – now we can offer them another aerial fire suppression option for their installed auxiliary output, which takes advantage of their knowledge of our gear. The installation and operation will be seamless for them." Steve Matthews, President of AFS adds, "With the gated base in every FAST Bucket, the Kawak pump can be mounted internally using our common FAST Fill manifold. No modification to the FAST shell is required, and the pump can be installed and removed in less than five minutes, returning the FAST Bucket to its normal dip configuration when powered fill operations are no longer required."

On a 700-gallon bucket for example, this lightweight system offers optimum fill rates in the 30-second range, and a total installed weight of 275 pounds for the gated FAST Bucket with the Kawak-driven FAST Fill Hydraulic. "Our gated, shallow fill FAST bucket offers significant weight, power, and installation savings over similarly-equipped units", said Matthews. "This adds to our industry lightest DC and AC FAST Fill pumps, giving our heavy operators a truly portable solution for their current fire agency contracts and leaving them well-equipped for future trends in agency contracting".



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