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Airbus Helicopters to offer expanded support through FlyScan with Foresight MX

February 29, 2024  By Helicopters Staff

Airbus Helicopters and GPMS International signed an agreement on HUMS covering the H125 series, H130, EC135, EC145 and AS332 models.

Customers using GPMS’s Foresight MX already enjoy predictive HUMS capabilities, but GPMS explains, that with this new agreement, customers can now seamlessly share data with Airbus Helicopters and optionally enroll in Airbus’s FlyScan Service to improve remote support and gain proactive monitoring with maintenance guidance.

Foresight MX is described by GPMS as an all-in-one solution delivering health and usage monitoring (HUMS), engine performance monitoring, flight data monitoring (FDM), and integrated rotor track and balance.

Utilizing FlyScan, Airbus’s remote monitoring and support service, Airbus Helicopters can additionally provide operators with tailored recommendations and airworthiness determinations. With customer permission, through a data Iink between the companies, GPMS can share customer-specified data so they can more easily tap Airbus Helicopters’ expertise.


“Our agreement with Airbus Helicopters represents an important milestone for our company,” said Todd Powers, Vice President of Sales at GPMS. “Operators, and often contract requirements, have mandated the use of OEM validated and supported HUMS solutions. For many Airbus operators, previously there weren’t any solutions available to meet those requirements. With this agreement, customers benefit from Foresight MX’s affordable and user-friendly interface, and gain optional access to the OEM support and recommendations that they demand. We’re proud to be working with Airbus Helicopters to deliver them this capability.”


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