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DART announces addition to eight Eurocopter STC’s

October 26, 2010  By Carey Fredericks

Oct. 26, 2010, Oceanside, CA - DART Aerospace Ltd., has received approval to add the AS 355 NP models to their Eurocopter product line on 8 STC’s from Transport Canada, the FAA and EASA.

Recently updated with the AS355NP models are the following STC’s:

• From Transport Canada

o Bearpaws

o Cargo Mirror

o Crosstube

o Heli-Utility-Basket

• From the FAA

o Round-I-Beam Skidtube™

• From EASA

o Bearpaws

o Cargo Mirror

o Crosstubes

In addition to recently updated approvals, DART also holds STC’s for the AS355NP models for the following products lines:

• Aft Door Assembly & Hinge Modification Kit (TC)

• Heli-Access Steps™ (TC)

• Heli-Utility-Pod™ (EASA)

• Interior Trim Kit (TC, FAA, EASA)

• Vertical Reference Windows (TC, FAA, EASA)


Since 1975, DART Aerospace Ltd., has engineered, certified and manufactured nearly 400 high quality STC’d aftermarket products commonly accepted as revolutionary as well as advanced in safety and design.
Owners, Operators, and OEM’s alike depend on DART for accessory innovations, solutions and enhancements across the entire range of helicopter platforms.

“Further to customer interest expressed by AS355NP operators, DART Aerospace has undertaken to add this aircraft to our existing approvals. DART Aerospace is pleased to be able to offer these 8 new STC’s and we will continue to add the AS355NP to our STC’s to be able to offer a comprehensive product line for this model.” Quote Bill Beckett, General Manager, DART Aerospace Ltd.


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