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DART announces certification for new basket

July 29, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

July 29, 2011, Oceanside, Ca. - DART is pleased to announce FAA, Transport Canada and EASA approval of their Quick Release Heli-Utility-Basket™ for the Bell 206L/L1/L3/L4 and 407 series of aircraft.

The new PATENT PENDING DART Quick Release Heli-Utility-Baskets™ for light Bell aircraft feature an innovative mounting system that allows one person to quickly install or remove the basket in less than one minute without the need for tools (after initial installation). The basket includes quick release mounting provisions and, for enhanced safety, replacement crosstube saddles designed specifically to allow for the mounting of a basket.

The flat bottom of this square concept basket will easily accommodate many types of cargo including skis. Two lid options are available; sturdy expanded stainless steel which allows it to act also as a work platform or, for additional weight savings, with fabric mesh. Additional mounting kits are available to allow baskets to be quickly moved to other aircraft.

The new DART Quick Release Heli-Utility-Baskets™ are larger than the original DART basket for light Bell aircraft and offer the greatest cargo load capacity currently available on the market. The patent pending quick release mounting system requires no hardpoint installation and the low slung design allows for operators to install a large capacity basket that does not impede passenger exit from the aircraft and does not require the installation of push out windows.

Product Features:
• The patent pending quick release mounting system allows the basket to be installed/removed by one person in under one minute
• Heavy duty lid configuration that can carry 250 lbs
• Light duty lid configuration that can carry 265 lbs
• LH or RH installation
• Does not require push out windows or hardpoint installation
• No Vne restrictions
• Optional customizable cut-outs in base


Coming Soon!: New Quick Release Heli-Access-Step™ for installation with the Quick Release Heli-Utility-Basket™. The Quick Release Heli-Access-Step™ will pick up on the existing basket mount brackets. The new step will be able to be installed in conjunction with the basket and will be quickly removable by one person without tools.

The DART Heli-Utility-Basket™ can be adapted to allow for specialty requirements such as surveying, GPS, aerial photography, LIDAR, mapping equipment, radiation detection, fire fighting or additional equipment transport.

“DART Heli-Utility-Baskets have been the industry standard for helicopter cargo expansion requirements for many years. As the industry changes, so does DART. Our new Quick Release Basket is our most user friendly design to date; a pilot can remove or install the basket in under a minute. Also, we’re pleased to be soon adding a quick release step for installation in conjunction with the basket,” said Bill Beckett, DART VP Canadian Operations, DART.


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