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DART earns STC update on H145 Fire Attack System

June 28, 2023  By Helicopters Staff

Aerospace received amended FAA STC for the H145 Fire Attack System, which is now approved for the D-2 and D-3 Airbus models. (Photo: DART Aerospace)

DART Aerospace received an FAA STC amendment for the H145 Fire Attack System (FAS), which now includes installation on D-2 and D-3 helicopter models, as well as the previously approved C-2 model.

The DART Aerospace H145 Fire Attack System, specifications are: Capacity, 260 GAL (985 L); system weight, 566 LB (257 KG); foam capacity, 14 GAL (53 L); hover refill rate, 450 GPM (1703 LPM); VNE (hover pump Installed), 125 KIAS; and VNE (hover pump removed), 125 KIAS.

The H145 FAS is an aerial firefighting system designed to mount to the underside of the Airbus C-2, D-2, and D-3 models. DART Aerospace explains the system features a foam system that can convert a payload of water into fire retardant foam (surfactant, Class A) as needed during a mission, two hydraulically actuated drop doors, and a hover refill system which allows the crew to refill the water tank while hovering over an open water source. The FAS is certified for Day/Night VFR and can be installed and removed in less than 30 minutes.

“DART is excited to receive the amended FAA certification, this is a direct response to strong customer demand for the Airbus H145 D‑3 rotorcraft,” said Ryan Williamson, VP Sales and Marketing, DART. Williamson continues to explains that obtaining this certification is evidence of DART’s commitment to producing the most advanced certified mission equipment on the market to meet evolving aerial firefighting mission requirements.



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