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DART Helicopter Services announces EASA approval of Bearpaws for the AS350/AS355 and EC130 model air

January 14, 2008  By Corrie

dartbearclawwebJan. 14, 2008 - DARTS Bearpaws have been previously approved by Transport Canada, FAA, Argentina and Austria.

dartbearclawwebJan. 14, 2008 – DART Helicopter Services has announced that their affiliated partner, DART Aerospace Ltd., has received EASA approval of their Bearpaws for AS350/AS355 and EC130 model aircraft.  DARTS Bearpaws have been previously approved by Transport Canada, FAA, Argentina and Austria.

DART Bearpaws are light weight and are constructed of flexible ultra high molecular weight polymer which resists cracking, chipping and breaking and features an inherent memory so that it returns to its original shape after deflecting under high-point contact loading. The one-piece machined construction ensures a consistent and deliberate load transfer. DART Bearpaws will keep the tail rotor up to allow a safer landing and take off in soft terrain such as snow, tundra or sand. DART Bearpaws come in two sizes 19” for landing in soft or uneven terrain or 13” which is designed for tundra landings.

DART Bearpaws are more durable than stainless steel and flex under high point contact loads when landing on rocks or roots and will return to their original shape upon take off.

DART Helicopter Services also offers EASA or equivalent approved Bearpaws for the following aircraft:

  •  Robinson R22, R44, R44II
  •  Augusta A119
  •  MD369D/E/F/FF/500N/900
  •  SA 315B
  •  BO 105
  •  EC 135
  •  206A/B/L/L1/L3/L4
  •  Bell 205A1/ 212/214B/214B1/412

DART Helicopter Services LLC (www.darthelicopterservices.com), is a privately held Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing company whose primary focus is developing innovative STC’d products and creating sales networks for aerospace manufacturers who are looking to benefit from DART’s global marketing network and sales channel.  DART is the logical choice for rotary wing operators who are seeking a supplier with a comprehensive product line and superior customer support. DART’S subsidiary and affiliated companies own over 400 STC’s and manufacture over 500 products.  With its highly trained and knowledgeable North American and International sales team, DART Helicopter Services distributes more than 1300 aftermarket products to over 120 countries. For further information, please call N. American Sales 1 (800) 556 4166 or 1 (613) 632 3336 or  Int’l Sales 1 (246) 420 7282 sales@darthelicopterservices.com


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