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Discovery Air announces new directors

August 11, 2008  By Corrie

Aug. 11, 2008, London, Ont. - David Taylor, president, CEO and immediate past chair of Discovery Air Inc.  is pleased to announce three new appointments to the Board of Discovery Air.

Aug. 11, 2008, London, Ont. – David Taylor, president, CEO and immediate
past chair of Discovery Air Inc.  is pleased to announce three new appointments to the Board of
Discovery Air. The three new directors are Alan Hibben, Joseph Randell and
Wayne Sales.
Hibben is a Chartered Accountant who has demonstrated a wide range of
capabilities in public and private companies at the CEO, CFO and Board levels.
Between 1996 and 2007, Mr. Hibben held a number of senior positions in RBC
Financial Group, including Head of Strategy & Development, CEO of RBC Capital
Partners and Managing Director, Mergers and Acquisitions of RBC Capital

Randell has been engaged in the airline industry since 1978, serving in
increasingly senior positions with Eastern Provincial Airways and the
Air Canada organization. He led the consolidation of Air Canada's
airlines into Air Canada Jazz, of which he is currently the President
and CEO.
Sales has had a lengthy career in the retail industry, where his
expertise in marketing, sales and general management led to his holding senior
positions at Kmart and Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited. He became President
and CEO of Canadian Tire in 2000 and Vice Chairman in 2006. He retired from
Canadian Tire in 2007, and currently sits on the Boards of Tim Hortons,
Supervalu and Georgia Gulf Corporation.

With these appointments, Discovery Air has now completed its previously
stated goal of increasing independence on the Board in conjunction with
reducing the number of directors who also serve on the Board of Pacific
Western Credit Corp. All but one of the Company's directors are now
to be fully independent under applicable guidelines, and there is now
only one
director who is also a director of Pacific & Western Credit Corp.

the recently held annual meeting of the shareholders of Discovery Air, the
Board received a request from shareholders holding over 51% of the outstanding
shares, to proceed expeditiously with the changes to the Board to achieve this
goal. Accordingly, the Board is pleased to have been able to implement the
changes that are clearly supported by a majority of the shareholders of the
Company, and to do this through the appointment of such eminently qualified
Retiring from the Board in order to achieve the Board restructuring goal
described above, are William Mitchell, Paul Oliver, Arnold Hillier,
John Drake, Dan Anderson, Jon Taylor and Fred Carmichael.


David Taylor stated on behalf of the Company that "we much appreciate the
efforts and dedication that the outgoing directors have provided to Discovery
Air, many of whom have been on the Board since the Company went public in
2006. Their contributions have been substantial, and Discovery Air has
benefited greatly from their involvement." Mr. Taylor also stated that "I very
much look forward to working with the incoming directors in the months ahead.
The three new directors have a wealth of talent and experience, which I am
confident will be very valuable to the Company as it continues to build upon
the strong foundation that has been established to date."
Taylor resigned from his position as Chair of the Board, to allow
Gil Bennett, who also recently joined the Board, to act as Chair of the
Company. Mr. Bennett has acted as Chair of a number of companies, including
most recently Canadian Tire, and brings a wealth of experience to that role.


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