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Flightdocs to become a part of ATP

June 23, 2020  By Helicopters Staff

Flightdocs is joining ATP to create one of the industry’s largest providers of cloud-based software for aircraft maintenance tracking, troubleshooting, recurring defect analysis, inventory management, and flight scheduling. With the addition of Flightdocs, ATP states it will now support 75,000 maintenance professionals across more than 7,500 customers in 137 countries

Founded in 2003, Flightdocs states it grew to become the second largest provider of aircraft maintenance tracking and inventory management solutions within business aviation.

Founded more than 50 years ago, ATP provides aircraft technical publications and regulatory information, connecting more than 45,000 maintenance professionals to the OEM content and airworthiness directives.

ATP’s software division provides repetitive defect and troubleshooting applications, focused on reducing operating costs, improving reliability, and supporting technical knowledge sharing.


“What began as a partnership quickly evolved into a much larger opportunity,” said Rick Heine, chairman and CEO of Flightdocs. “By joining ATP, we will be able to create unique products and services that will have a significant impact for our customers, driving efficiencies, reliability, compliance, and safety across the industry.”

The Flightdocs platform will now leverage the technical publication libraries, regulatory content, and chronic defect analysis and troubleshooting software offered by ATP.

“Working together, our goal will be to deliver the most advanced maintenance tracking, inventory management, and flight operations software on the market,” said Rick Noble, CEO at ATP. “One known for excellent support, a superior user experience, and powerful tools that can create massive benefits for our customers.”


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