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FlightSafety to increase sim fleet by over 40%

March 3, 2015, New York, N.Y. - FlightSafety International plans to increase its fleet of advanced helicopter simulators by over 40 per cent.

February 3, 2015
By FlightSafety

Since building the first Level D qualified helicopter simulator more than 20 years ago, FlightSafety has continuously invested in new programs and facilities designed specifically to serve and support the helicopter industry,” said David Davenport, Executive Vice President. “We offer the most extensive range of helicopter training programs using advanced technology simulators. The new Level D qualified simulators that are currently in work and planned will increase FlightSafety’s fleet of helicopter simulators by more than 40 percent.

Level D qualified simulators to be added include the Bell 407GX, Bell 412 EP-Fast Fin, Airbus AS350 B3, Airbus EC130T2, Airbus EC145, Sikorsky S-76C+/C++, Sikorsky S-76D and Sikorsky S-92. FlightSafety plans to install them at its Learning Centers in Dallas, Texas, at new facilities in Denver Colorado and Singapore, and a location to be determined based on Customer requirements.

The new FlightSafety FS1000 simulators will be equipped with the company’s latest innovations in technology including the VITAL 1100 visual system and CrewView glass mirror display. The FS1000 features tightly integrated computer hardware and software across subsystems which allow for more accurate and higher fidelity simulation than found in other current and previous generation simulators.

The unprecedented fidelity and levels of detail offered by the VITAL 1100 visual system provide photo-realistic, highly-detailed imagery. It offers a whole-Earth model and worldwide database that incorporates the latest terrain information with geo-specific satellite images. FlightSafety’s CrewView glass mirror displays deliver superior optical performance, sharper image clarity, and are night vision capable. Its modular design produces fields of view up to 300 degrees horizontally. This enhances training for critical tasks such as checking for prop feathering and landing gear deployment, brownout training, search and rescue scans, and advanced mission rehearsal.


FlightSafety has built over 100 helicopter simulators and other advanced training devices for use at its Learning Centers, and by commercial operators and government and military agencies.

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