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HealthNet Aeromedical Services orders four Airbus H135 helicopters

February 27, 2024  By Helicopters Staff

HealthNet currently holds a fleet of 11 Airbus aircraft. (Photo: Airbus, Lorette Fabre)

HealthNet Aeromedical Services, headquartered in Charleston, West Virginia, ordered four Airbus H135 helicopters. Described as one of the largest hospital-based air medical programs in the country, HealthNet’s new helicopters will be used to serve adult, pediatric and neonatal patients across the state of West Virginia.

“HealthNet has been a valued partner of Airbus Helicopters, Inc. since 1986, and we look forward to supporting their mission as they elevate their fleet with the addition of four new H135s,” said Bart Reijnen, President of Airbus Helicopters, Inc. and Head of the North America region.

“These helicopters will be the first in their fleet equipped with Helionix avionics, allowing for increased mission flexibility and safety that benefits their employees and the communities they serve,” said Bart Reijnen, President of Airbus Helicopters, Inc. and Head of the North America region, adding that HealthNet has been a partner of Airbus Helicopters since 1986.

The light, twin-engine H135’s Helionix avionics suite, which, in addition to the 4-axis autopilot, offers what Airbus describes as an innovative cockpit layout to enhance situational awareness. Designed with three large electronic displays, the H135’s cockpit is night vision goggle compatible and includes a First Limit Indicator, which highlights the appropriate engine instrument data for the pilot in one indicator.


“HealthNet Aeromedical Services and our three owner health systems are proud to continue to partner with Airbus to enhance our helicopter fleet,” said Clinton Burley, President and CEO, HealthNet.

HealthNet has exclusively operated Airbus helicopters since the program’s inception nearly four decades ago, caring for more than 100,000 patients during that time. Their current fleet of 11 aircraft is comprised of H130, H135 and EC145 helicopters.

To date, more than 1,500 helicopters of the H135 family have been delivered worldwide, all mission segments included, clocking in more than seven million flight hours.


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