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Joint tests of Mi-26T2V begin

January 2, 2020  By Helicopters Staff

Russian Helicopters Holding Company, part of Rostec State Corporation, and representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense started joint state tests of Mi-26T2V heavy-lift military transport helicopter, which are to last until the end of 2020.

As part of Russian Helicopters’ program on upgrading the heavy Mi-26 helicopter for the Russian Aerospace Forces, Rostvertol in 2018 produced a prototype of the modernized Mi-26T2V helicopter.

“Currently, Mi-26T2V prototype has successfully completed preliminary tests at the manufacturing facility, allowing us to start the joint state tests program which is to last through the entire year 2020. We have taken into account all preferences of the customer and implemented them in Mi-26T2V helicopter design,” said Andrey Boginsky, director general of Russian Helicopters. “The performance of the machine will be considerably improved due to the modernization. I am convinced that Mi-26T2V helicopter will have a rightful place in the Russian armed forces.”

The tests will take place on four proving grounds. The crew of the helicopter will include representatives of the Russian Aerospace Forces and they will check the main performance characteristics of the helicopter and operation of new equipment.


The modernized Mi-26T2V helicopter can be used at any time of the day, explains Russian Helicopters, as a heavy-lift military and transport helicopter which can carry up to 20 tonnes of cargo. The rotorcraft has modern NPK90-2V integrated avionics, enabling the helicopter to fly the route in an automatic mode, come to a pre-set point, perform approach and final approach maneuvers, and return to the main or alternate aerodrome. Russian Helicopters explains the onboard defense system of Mi-26T2V ensures protection of the helicopter from being hit by air defense missile systems.

Mi-26T2V will be able to make flights in the conditions of any region, according to Russian Helicopters, including those with complex physical and geographical and adverse climatic conditions, at any time of the day, at equipped and unequipped routes, or even without routes, and on featureless terrain, in conditions of fire and information counteraction of the enemy. The number of crew members of the modernized helicopter (five persons) remains unchanged.

Currently, Russian Helicopters produces the entire range of military helicopters for the Russian military agency in accordance with contracts. These machines including: Ka-52 Alligator, Mi-28NM Night Hunter and military Mi-35M attack helicopters, Mi-38T paratrooper carriers and transport helicopters, Mi-8/17 military transport helicopters, heavy-lift military transport Mi-26 rotorcraft, training and specialized machines.


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