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LASD installs Air Comm systems on fleet

February 13, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

Feb. 13, 2012, Boulder, Co. - The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) Aero Bureau has completed installation of new Air Comm air conditioning systems for the Bureau’s 12 recently purchased American Eurocopter AS350B2 AStar helicopters.

The LASD selected Air Comm in a competitive bid to equip the new AStar fleet with air conditioning systems that meet the Air Bureau’s rigorous performance and maintenance cost requirements while providing comfortable cockpit and cabin environments in all weather conditions.
With its superior, advanced-technology environmental control solutions, Air Comm reliably delivers comfort to commercial and military customers worldwide. Customers can speak with an environmental control expert throughout Heli-Expo 2012, Feb. 12-14, at its exhibit, located in Booth 9743.
“The LASD Aero Bureau is one of the nation’s busiest and most professional law enforcement aviation operations,” said Keith Steiner, Air Comm president.  “As a public safety agency, the Aero Bureau must meet demanding operational requirements while containing costs."
“Air Comm air conditioning systems provide tremendous value for operators. They enhance the cockpit and cabin environment, thereby improving aircrew efficiency and safety, and have outstanding reliability and low maintenance costs,” Steiner added.  Air Comm air conditioners utilize multiple strategically-placed evaporators to overcome natural heat imbalances within the aircraft. Additionally, Air Comm devotes substantial engineering analysis time to maximizing the efficiency and airflow volume within the system. “In an environment as extreme as a helicopter, the ability to provide a large volume of cold air to each passenger and crew member, what we call ‘effective cooling,’ is as important as overall system capacity,” said Steiner.
Air Comm assigned a company customer service representative to work with the LASD on site following the installations to ensure the Air Bureau’s crews and mechanics are fully trained in system operation.  In July, Air Comm delivered the final system to Hangar One Avionics for installation.
The LASD helicopter fleet, based in Long Beach, Calif., handles a wide variety of patrol and homeland security operations to support all law enforcement ground activities.  In addition, the Air Bureau provides transport for several specialized units that require immediate deployment to urban and rural locations within LASD’s broad geographic jurisdiction and beyond.  The Aero Bureau also flies an annual average of 350 rescue missions above all terrain including mountainous regions and over water.  LASD fixed wing aircraft perform covert surveillance support and personnel transport missions within a 1,500-mile radius.


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