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MD Helicopters: Chalet number 6 at Helitech

September 22, 2009  By Administrator

Sept. 22, 2009 – Mesa, Ariz. – MD Helicopters, Inc (MDHI) will be in chalet number 6 at Helitech which is taking place in Duxford England, Tuesday, Sept. 22 through Thursday Sept. 24.

Sept. 22, 2009 – Mesa, Ariz. – MD Helicopters, Inc (MDHI) will be in chalet number 6 at Helitech which is taking place in Duxford England, Tuesday, Sept. 22 through Thursday Sept. 24.

With the help of its partners, MD Helicopters will display five helicopters at the show including the MD 500E®, the MD 520N® and three MD Explorers®. Both Special Aviation Services (SAS) and Eastern Atlantic are providing the aircraft. 

The MD 500E has earned its reputation as a hands-down favorite, delivering the highest speed, payload and productivity in its class. And it does it for a direct operating cost that beats the competition.  The MD 500E features ample cabin space for five, with unsurpassed visibility.

The large, flat floor provides plenty of room for cargo, and the useful internal load of 1,519 pounds (689 kg) is ideally suited for most utility operations. The MD 500E cruises easily at 135 kt (250 kph) over a range of 290 nm (537 km). For applications where noise is a concern, the MD 500E can be equipped with a four-bladed tail rotor for quiet performance.


The MD 520N is the newest member of the MD 500 family and is also is a member of an exclusive class of the safest, quietest helicopters in the world. These characteristics, plus the other family traits, make the MD 520N a favorite for law enforcement agencies worldwide.

The key to the MD 520N’s popularity is the MD Helicopters’ exclusive NOTAR® system for anti-torque and directional control.  Replacing conventional tail rotors with the NOTAR system provides an immediate margin of safety for crew and aircraft.  Since the revolutionary system was introduced in 1992, NOTAR-equipped helicopters have accumulated over 700,000 safe, reliable hours in flight, more than validating its reliability.  With the NOTAR system, pilot workload is lower, while handling and maneuverability remain at the highest levels of the MD 500 Series.

The MD Explorer design and development was guided by an international helicopter team with an objective to produce a multipurpose twin-engine helicopter that would set new standards in performance, affordability, dependability and safety.

Powered by two Pratt and Whitney Canada PW207E engines, the MD Explorer® features a fully articulated main rotor system, bearingless composite flexbeams and rotor hub. Anti-torque control is provided by the patented NOTAR™ system that reduces pilot workload and external noise levels, and significantly improves safety in confined areas and on offshore platforms.

The six-place MD Explorer® cabin is the largest in the light twin class and is accessed through two 52 inch (1.32m) sliding cabin doors and a large baggage compartment. Energy absorbing, stroking cabin seats meet stringent FAR Part 27.562 requirements up to 30g at 30 feet per second. The large cabin makes the MD Explorer® ideally suited for rapid role change from an Offshore/Onshore six-place passenger transport to Emergency Medical Services or Law Enforcement missions. Large selections of optional equipment have been fully qualified to meet various operational requirements. A heavy-duty cargo hook permits 3,000-pound (1360-KG) external load operations.

MD Explorer® safety and maintainability are enhanced by built-in HIRF and lightning strike protection, built-in maintenance steps and platforms, and a composite airframe that is resistant to corrosion in a hostile marine environment.


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