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Night vision conference poised to change industry

October 5, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

Oct. 5, 2011, Bedford, Tx. - Night Flight Concepts is pleased to report that NIGHTCon 2011 (www.nightcon.com)- the inaugural Night Vision Conference dedicated to civilian aviation - was a resounding success.

The event featured outstanding involvement from Federal Aviation Administration representatives and unprecedented collaboration among leading NVG industry providers resulting in plans for a new NVG Industry Working Group that will represent the needs of civilian NVG operators.
“We expect that the positive effects of the conference will be far-reaching,” Night Flight Concepts President, Adam Aldous. “The event was a game changer. Industry players participated in moving our sector to a new level of engagement that we all can build on to help serve and support the needs of industry and operators in the future.”

Exceptional Engagement with FAA

NIGHTCon was developed to provide a new venue for professionals dedicated exclusively to sharing information, education and insight on Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) program implementation, operations, and maintenance issues in civil and parapublic sectors. A key highlight of the conference was the extensive formal and informal access to representatives of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Sessions featured frank, lively panel discussions and a Question & Answer session with the FAA representatives and NVG subject matter experts regarding issues that affect the NVG community.

Unprecedented NVG Industry Collaboration


“The industry-wide presence and cooperation of key players, such as Night Flight Concepts, ASU, Aero Dynamix and REBTECH, provided a unique opportunity for us to hear from NVG organizations speaking on related issues with one voice,” explained Edwin Miller, FAA 135 Air Carrier Operations Branch Director. “We found it very constructive.”

The event was held over a two-day period featuring an open session, panel forums, vendor displays, and educational presentations. Industry players worked together to address key issues, provide education and guidance to help new and existing users of night vision goggle (NVG) capabilities. An NVG Orientation to provide a technology and explain NVG capabilities and limitations, as well as an ITAR and Export Compliance session to review guidelines and obligations. Breakout education courses were designed to facilitate training and face-to-face discussions with NVG regulators and subject matter experts in different areas: NVG Operator Program Management, NVG Maintenance Program Management, NVG Initial Pilot Ground School, NVG Instructor Pilot Ground School, NVG Inspection & Repair/ Cockpit Lighting Conformity.

Venue for New NVG Industry Working Group

Meetings at NIGHTCon have lead to the plans for the creation of a new working group that is being formed to discuss, formalize and represent the needs and concerns of the NVG industry to the FAA. More details in this regard will be unveiled in coming months.


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