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OPP relocates one helicopter from Sudbury to Orillia

May 7, 2015, Subury, Ont. - In an apparent cost-cutting move, the province is moving its OPP search and rescue helicopter from the Greater Sudbury Airport to Orillia.

May 7, 2015
By The North Bay Nugget


Nickel Belt MPP France Gelinas condemned the move in the provincial legislature.

"Mr. Speaker,” she told MPPs, “I cannot stress enough what a
short-sighted decision this is. Orillia is a one hour and twenty minute
flight from Sudbury and there is already an OPP search and rescue
helicopter there. From November to March, the Orillia helicopter base is
subjected to almost daily ‘lake effect,’ limiting the flight
opportunities. Whereas the Sudbury helicopter base is exceptionally good
for flying with predominantly clear weather all year round. | READ MORE

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