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Rega orders 12 more five-bladed H145s

December 8, 2022  By Helicopters Staff

Rega will eventually operate an all-Airbus fleet consisting of 21 five-bladed H145s. (Photo: Airbus)

Swiss air-rescue service Rega ordered a second batch of 12 five-bladed H145 helicopters to be operated from its mountain bases. They will replace the operator’s current fleet of AW109SP helicopters. This new order follows an initial contract for nine H145s, announced in March this year. Rega by 2026 will operate an all-Airbus fleet consisting of 21 five-bladed H145s.

“To effectively operate life-saving air rescue services in Switzerland, we understand that the ability to perform optimally at altitude is paramount,” said Bruno Even, CEO of Airbus Helicopters. “The five-bladed H145 landed on the Aconcagua in Argentina, a mountain that is nearly 7,000 metres high. No other twin engine helicopter has ever achieved this feat. That is why we are especially proud that Rega has put its faith in the five-bladed H145.”

Airbus explains the five-bladed H145s for Rega will leverage new capabilities of the Flight Management System GTN750 Xi by Garmin. It will integrate and control a multi-sensor system that provides highly accurate and reliable navigation capacities. Even in the event of GPS signal loss, Airbus explains the helicopter will navigate safely thanks to Thales’ inertial navigation system. This solution will further boost the navigation performance in low IFR conditions and, continues Airbus, allows the helicopter to be certified as navigation procedure RNP-AR 0.1, which is the most accurate navigation procedure in the helicopter environment. The configuration for Rega also includes a new hoist by Vincorion that is being certified on the five-bladed H145.

“By selecting the five-bladed H145, we are ensuring that Rega will continue being able to provide its patients with reliable and professional medical assistance by air for the next 15 years,” said Ernst Kohler, CEO of Rega.


Rega operates 14 HEMS stations in Switzerland. Last year, its helicopter crews carried out 14,330 missions, including transporting 471 COVID patients.


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