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Robinson rolls out new R66 options

January 19, 2015  By Robinson Press Release

Jan. 19, 2015, Torrance, Ca. - Robinson Helicopter Company announces the Garmin G500H Avionics Display System and the Genesys Aerosystems HeliSAS autopilot are now available as options on new 2015 R66 Turbine helicopters.

The G500H is a combination Primary Flight Display and Multifunction Display (PFD/MFD) that provides flight instrument, moving map navigation, and situational awareness information on dual screens. Garmin’s Helicopter Synthetic Vision and Terrain (HSVT) graphics are available as an option for the PFD, and either Garmin FliteCharts or Jeppesen Chartview instrument charts are available as options for the MFD. The G500H system is installed in a central location in a new, purpose-designed instrument panel which retains all required traditional instruments surrounding the display. A Garmin GTN 600 or 700 series navigator is required with the G500H and is installed just below the PFD/MFD on the new instrument panel within easy reach of either pilot seat.

When R66s are equipped with the G500H system, the HeliSAS autopilot may also be added as an option. The autopilot was developed specifically for light helicopters. In its primary mode, the autopilot functions as a stability augmentation system by applying corrective inputs to the cyclic in order to maintain fixed pitch and roll attitude. Only light force on the cyclic is required to override or “fly through” the system, so it can be left engaged continuously while still allowing the pilot to maneuver comfortably. Additional autopilot modes are heading hold, altitude hold, navigation signal tracking (VOR or GPS) and approach navigation (including vertical guidance). The autopilot does not provide any collective or pedal inputs.

The R66 G500H installation may be interfaced with Garmin’s GTX 33 remote transponder (controlled via a GTN navigator instead of traditional faceplate buttons) and with FreeFlight’s RA-4500 radar altimeter which displays radio altitude information on the PFD. The GTX 33 installation includes ADS-B Out, which complies with the upcoming ADS-B mandate.

Also available on 2015 model R66s (with or without the G500H system) is the Garmin GDL 69A XM receiver for digital weather data and entertainment audio. Weather data can be displayed on the G500H MFD or on any GTN navigator. The XM receiver requires data and/or audio subscriptions in order to function, similar to automobile XM radios.


The 2015 list price for the G500H system is $31,900 which does not include the required GTN navigator.
The list price for the autopilot is $46,000.

An R66 Turbine helicopter with the G500H system and the HeliSAS autopilot will be on display at this year’s Helicopter Association International convention March 3, 4, and 5 in Orlando, Florida.


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