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Savback appointed distributor for Konner Helicopters across 7 countries

November 27, 2023  By Helicopters Staff

Independent helicopter and fixed-wing sales specialist Savback Helicopters is now the exclusive sales representative for Konner Helicopters’ K1-S19 and K2 vehicles across the Nordic region (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland) as well as the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Savback is headquarters in Sweden, with a UK office at Nottingham Heliport.

The Konner K1-S19 is a two-seat helicopter powered by the Konner TK-250 turboshaft engine, rated at 250shp. With a carbon fibre fuselage, the K1-S19 has a three-blade semi-articulated composite main rotor with a bearingless head. Keeping within the ultralight category, the K1-S19 has a maximum take-off weight of 1323lb (600kg), and an empty weight of 771lb (350kg). A 150-litre fuel capacity, and a cruise speed of 115kts (132.3mph) gives the K1-S19 a maximum range of 200nm (370.4km). The K1-S19 has ultralight category approval in Germany, Sweden, and Finland.

Konner’s four-seat K2 model, meanwhile, is powered by a 270shp version of the same TK-250 engine. Developed from customer demand for more generous dimensions over the K1-S19, this model has a four-blade semi-articulated main rotor system with composite blades and a bearingless head. Similar to the K1-S19, the K2 also features a carbon fibre fuselage.



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