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StandardAero set to begin installations of StableLight autopilot on H125 helicopters

February 27, 2024  By Helicopters Staff

StandardAero, in partnership with Thales, is set to provide kits and installations of what the company describes as the world’s first full 4-axis autopilot specifically engineered for H125 helicopters, starting this June. The company is currently taking orders for kits and reservations for production slots.

Based on Thales’ Compact Autopilot System, this new solution, commercially known as StableLight, is described by StandardAero as a feature-packed system in a compact, lightweight package, well suited for light rotorcraft. StableLight transforms the flight control experience of the helicopter, explains StandardAero, with its stability augmentation that works precisely and without feedback in the control sticks.

Features of StableLight include stabilized climb flight attitude recovery, auto pull-up terrain avoidance, auto hover and more in a system, which, explains StandardAero, drastically decreases pilot workload while providing what is arguably the most significant improvement in performance that this aircraft has seen in decades.

“Stablelight brings transport category autopilot capabilities to this light helicopter,” explains Neena Gill, Vice President & General Manager for StandardAero’s Helicopters business unit. “Most importantly, it improves safety with its built-in safety features that can help to mitigate inflight risks like IIMC [Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Conditions] and CFIT [Controlled Flight into Terrain], while reducing pilot workload and fatigue during normal operations.”


StandardAero provides tip to tail services for Airbus and Bell model helicopters including engine MRO, complete engine accessory overhaul, airframe maintenance, avionics, structural repairs, AOG and field service support and various dynamic component at five facilities located in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.


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