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Voss captures top award for leadership in aerospace

May 14, 2015  By Shimco

Peter Voss, president, CEO and owner of Shimco, has been recognized by Worldwide Branding for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in specialty product design and manufacturing. Shimco is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of precision parts, laminated and edge-bonded shims, tapers and spacers, in materials ranging from aluminum and titanium through to synthetics and composites.

For over 25 years, Shimco has served the aerospace, defense, space, industrial and other sectors worldwide and partners with many of the world’s largest Tier 1 and OEM aerospace companies including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier Aerospace, Bell Helicopter and Embraer. Shimco has undertaken and executed a large number of high volume projects on-time and with a negligible defect rate. From raw shim stock to shims and spacers, each product is crafted by an expert team and then subjected to stringent quality and compliance tests. With respect for tight deadlines and just-in-time manufacturing, Shimco has revolutionized the way low-volume, rapid-turnover, high-precision production is executed.

Voss took over Shimco in 2011 and brings over 25 years of financial expertise and manufacturing experience. He invested heavily in the company infrastructure, upgraded the IT system and implemented lean manufacturing processes. On the R&D side, Voss led the design and production of polyimide-based shims, which are laminated on-site at the Shimco manufacturing facility in Canada, to address the needs of the aerospace market. In the last four years, Voss has also focused on strengthening existing customer relationships while adding new OEM and Tier 1 customers, but also focused on improving efficiencies in production.  As a result, Shimco’s sales have grown at a 20 percent annual compound growth rate but with only a corresponding 10 percent annual growth rate in headcount.

Shimco has received many prestigious awards since Voss took ownership including the Bell Helicopter Premier Supplier Award and the Markham Board of Trade’s Business Excellence Award (Innovation). Prior to establishing himself professionally, Voss laid the groundwork for his career by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Physics, from McMaster University, a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from McMaster University and a Diploma in Accounting from Wilfrid Laurier University, following which he obtained his Chartered Accountant designation. He has held senior finance and operational roles in both public and private companies.

“I am proud of Shimco’s history that exceeds 25 years, and its reputation today as an industry leader in the manufacture of precision parts, laminated and edge-bonded shims, tapers and spacers,” says Voss. “Quality products, dedicated employees, respect for the environment, and satisfied customers – this is what makes us an industry leader, and we look forward to a future of continued success.”



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