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Yellowhead Helicopters moves to Spidertracks flight following system

March 31, 2017  By Yellowhead Helicopters

British Columbia based helicopter operator, Yellowhead Helicopters, has completed their fleet transition to Spidertracks aircraft management devices. 

Yellowhead’s Director of Operations Sean Rickards says after a detailed review of our fleet tracking requirements it was a logical decision to go with the Spidertracks flight following system. “Spidertracks meets our expectations and commitment to system safety in all areas of our day to day operations. Knowing that if our people had a problem, we could know about it right away no matter where they are is basic safety management.” 

Spidertracks’ CEO, Dave Blackwell says Yellowhead’s feedback is encouraging and indicative of the market’s growing appetite for smarter aircraft management in Canada.

“We’re excited to be able to provide Yellowhead, and a number of similar operators across Canada, the peace of mind and productivity gains that the Spidertracks system delivers. It is highly competitive industry they are operating in where every cent must count.”

“Now 10 years old, Spidertracks is fast evolving with the technologies available and with the requirements of the industry, but the fundamental driver of our success remains – a delightfully simple product philosophy and an outstanding team of people that take it to the world with their hearts and souls.”



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