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Airmedic, Limosa partnership aims to develop electric aircraft for air medical

December 20, 2023  By Helicopters Staff

Airmedic and Limosa have formed a partnership around the development of electric propulsion in the air medical transportation sector. The collaboration aims to improve the interior design and functionality of LimoMedic, the ambulance version of Limosa’s electric vertical and conventional take-off and landing (eVTOL/eCTOL) aircraft to meet the needs and recommendations of air ambulance operators.

“We are at the beginning of an extraordinary journey in the electric transportation sector,” said Sophie Larochelle, Chief Executive Officer of Airmedic. “We are particularly sensitive to the ecological footprint of our sector, and with this partnership we would have the opportunity to commit to sustainability, as we believe in the innovation of zero-emission aircraft.”

Headquartered in Montreal, Limosa in mid-2023 outlined its vision for a 7-seater eVTOL/CTOL aircraft called LimoConnect V2 with what it describes as a new layout for a distributed electric propulsion system (DEP), reducing the number of moving parts and tilting mechanisms by half. The new aircraft concept also includes a redesigned control surface system with large fowler flaps, enabling LimoConnect V2 to perform conventional takeoff and landing on very short runways, as well as a larger interior space for passengers and cargo, achieved by relocating the wings. The newer concept is also described as integrating a more efficient propulsion system that reduces noise by rotating at lower rotational speeds and a new avionics system.

“I am excited about this partnership, as Airmedic brings a wealth of experience in operating air ambulances in Quebec, particularly in the northern regions,” said Hamid Hamidi, President and CEO of Limosa. “They currently operate helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, while our LimoMedic aircraft combines the best of both worlds.”


Airmedic operates a fleet of Airbus helicopters and Pilatus aircraft for air ambulances services. It was the first private air medical transport company in Canada to be certified by Accreditation Canada in 2016 and has been accredited by Transport Canada for night vision goggles and IFR for helicopter operations since that same year.

“The announcement of the partnership between Airmedic, a company established in Longueuil since 2012, and Limosa, a company that will soon be setting up on our territory, is exactly the kind of announcement we want,” said Catherine Fournier, Mayor of Longueuil. “What could be more innovative than what will be created by these two partners is directly in line with our vision of the future aerospace innovation zone.”


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