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Bell Textron delivers 60th 505 to Europe

April 21, 2021  By Naomi Szeben

Image courtesy of Bell Textron Inc.

Bell Textron Inc. announced the delivery of its 60th Bell 505 in Europe, which was received by the Montenegro Air Force.

“Delivering 60 505s to Europe is an exciting milestone for Bell,” said Patrick Moulay, Senior Vice President, International Business, in a statement. “This achievement is a testament to the performance of the Bell 505 and our customers’ confidence in the aircraft.”

The Bell 505’s platform operates in a  range of missions such as private owner, utility, aerial inspections, public safety, military training, and tourism. In 2020, Bell delivered more 505 aircraft including with the following customers: ABR Invest, Elicompany, Montenegro Air Force, Centaurium Aviation, and Mountainflyers.

Bell supports European customers regionally by delivering aircraft out of its support centre in Prague, supplying parts out of the Bell Supply Center in Amsterdam and offering Bell 505 training through HeliDeal in France.



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