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First ACH125 Line helicopter delivered in North America

August 10, 2022  By Helicopters Staff

Ashlynne Dale plans to use the Airbus ACH125 primarily close to home in the Oro-Medonte and Muskoka areas of Ontario. (Photo: Airbus Helicopters Canada)

Following the order announcement earlier this year at the Heli-Expo trade show in Dallas, Texas, Ashlynne Dale, a private pilot and entrepreneur, has taken delivery of an Airbus Corporate Helicopters ACH125 Line aircraft that she will fly for personal use.

Dale was involved in every step of the aircraft customization process and says it’s the lawyer in her that drove her ambition to ensure every last detail of the rotorcraft was researched and fulfilled. She was a litigation attorney for a number of years before leading Norwood Sawmills, a globally recognized outdoor equipment and lifestyle brand and the global leader in portable sawmilling technology, as co-founder and CEO.

Although Dale plans to use the aircraft primarily close to home in the Oro-Medonte and Muskoka areas of Ontario with her family and the VIP on the flight, her dog, flying a powerful aircraft like the ACH125 is not something she takes lightly and being prepared for any situation is the only way she operates.

Prior to receiving her aircraft, Dale underwent several supplemental pilot training courses in addition to the standard training provided with acquisition. This included several additional hours of flight training as well as the Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IIMC) and Unusual Attitude Recovery Training courses which are designed to prepare pilots with effective avoidance and recovery techniques in case of emergency in poor weather conditions.


“For a self-professed helicopter fanatic, it’s very exciting to be taking my new aircraft home” says Dale. “After having flown the aircraft, it’s exactly what I was looking for and I’m confident it will suit my needs.”

The ACH125 holds a versatile cabin that can be easily reconfigured based on the number of passengers. (Photo: Airbus)

Additional options designed and manufactured in Canada that have been added to this aircraft include the cargo mirror, the floor window and the cable cutter. The cargo mirror enables pilot visibility to the area surrounding the aircraft. The enlarged floor window allows the pilot to see their area of work whether on the ground or being carried by the aircraft. The cable cutter is a great safety feature when flying the aircraft at a lower altitude.

“We’re very pleased to deliver this aircraft to Ms. Dale. The meticulous attention to detail from the teams in France and here in Canada on this ACH125 Line aircraft are top notch,” said Dwayne Charette, President of Airbus Helicopters Canada. “The combination of power and elegance sets this aircraft apart and I’m sure Ms. Dale will proudly fly this aircraft for many years to come.”


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