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Four key players join AIRMEDIC

June 21, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

June 21, 2012, Brossard, Que. - AIRMEDIC's President and CEO, Christian Trudeau, as well as Chief of aeromedical operations, François Rivard, are happy to announce the appointment of four key players to the company.

"We wanted our administrative and operational teams up and running before the summer season," said Christian Trudeau. "Mission accomplished, and AIRMEDIC is now ready for liftoff!"

Administrative Team
Isabelle Tisseur has been appointed Vice President of Human Resources and Member Services. Before joining AIRMEDIC, Ms. Tisseurserved as Senior Manager and later Vice President of Human Resources at Transcontinental Interactive. She holds an MBA and previously worked as a management consultant at Hydro-Québec and as a senior organizational development advisor at Rogers Communications Inc.

Operational Team
Isabelle Boucher has been appointed Medical Director. Ms. Boucher has been practicing emergency medicine for nearly ten years, notably at CSSS des Sommets, CHRDL Joliette, and the Mont-Tremblant Ski Clinic. She is an M.D. with a degree in both family and mountain and adventure medicine. Isabelle is an aviation medicine specialist with five years of experience in the field.

Pierre Pourciel has been appointed Air- and Heli-borne Operations Manager. Mr. Pourciel has been working in the field of aeronautics for over 35 years. As a seasoned check pilot and pilot instructor, Pierre has trained more than 150 helicopter pilots to date in Quebec and overseas. He boasts a wealth of experience in air transport management, including heliport operations management and performance of air fleet procurement and operations studies.


Jean Handfield has been appointed Chief Helicopter Pilot. Before joining the AIRMEDIC crew, Mr. Handfield was a pilot instructor at Eurocopter. He has also worked for Pemberton Helicopters, Helicraft 2000, and Hélicoptères La Vérendrye (Viking Helicopters) as Chief Pilot, Operations Manager, and Flight Instructor. As a renowned pilot, Jean has taken part in missions of all kinds: police operations, rescue missions, reports, and others.


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