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Leonardo adds orders at LABACE in Brazil

August 14, 2019  By Helicopters Staff

Leonardo announced five new orders placed from within in South America’s VIP/Corporate multi-engine helicopter market during LABACE, August 13 to 15 in São Paulo, Brazil. The new orders are for five aircraft, valued at nearly €30 million.

The company states it is a global leader in the VIP multiengine segment with a 40 per cent market share. Its existing presence in the region includes more than 170 helicopters flying in Brazil and more than 220 in South America. The new orders from LABACE will see the Italian-based company add three AW109 Trekker light twins, one AW109 GrandNew, and one AW169 intermediate twin.

ICON, the official distributor of Leonardo’s AW109 Trekker in Brazil, has signed firm orders for two units in VIP configuration. Additionally, one more VIP AW109 Trekker and one AW109 GrandNew were purchased by two different private regional operators. The Trekker aircraft combines the AW109 Grand airframe and large cabin with Genesys Aerosystems core avionics and skids.

Leonardo states its presence in the Brazilian helicopter market is largely through the AW109 variants, particularly focused on the AW109 Power, AW109 Grand and GrandNew for passenger transport duties and other roles. The AW109 Trekker, Leonardo’s newest light twin, is also described as holding a successful position in other Latin American nations like Chile. Over 60 units of this model have been sold to customers worldwide to date to perform a range of roles from VIP/corporate transport and EMS to utility and Law Enforcement.


Brazilian operators are also embracing the new generation AW169, explains Leonardo, with the total AW169 VIP fleet in the country increasing to five units by the end of 2019, which will join a further eight units in service across the Americas by that time for VIP and EMS roles. The AW169’s large cabin can seat up to 10 people. More than 200 AW169s have been sold to customers worldwide to date.


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