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Milestone orders six H160s for leasing

October 5, 2020  By Helicopters Staff

The H160, pictured here flying in Finland, features sound-reducing Blue Edge rotor blades. (Photo: Lloyd Horgan, Airbus)

Milestone Aviation headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and Airbus Helicopters agreed to include six H160s in Milestone’s order book with the first helicopter delivery scheduled for 2023. Airbus states the helicopters will be used for a range of missions, including offshore transportation and emergency medical services.

“[The H160] will be a valuable addition to our fleet and we’re already in discussion with operators to place the aircraft into service as soon as they are available,” said Pat Sheedy, CEO of Milestone, who sees the aircraft as being particularly well suited for EMS operations.

Airbus notes the H160 holds 68 patents among its next-generation technological advances. The helicopter includes sound-reducing Blue Edge blades and what Airbus describes as superb external visibility for both passengers and pilots, as well as safety features like Helionix’s accrued pilot assistance. Airbus states the aircraft’s compact size will be an added advantage to landing on oil platforms as well as hospital heli-decks.



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