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FAA approves Robinson empennage design for R44 helicopters

February 15, 2024  By Helicopters Staff

Robinson Helicopter Company earned FAA approval for a new empennage design for its R44 aircraft. This accomplishment follows the FAA’s prior approval of the same configuration for the Robinson R66 Turbine in September 2023.

The development and testing of the new empennage design spanned several years, explains Robinson, resulting in enhanced handling characteristics during high-speed flight. This new empennage design includes a symmetric horizontal stabilizer and tailcone and is now standard on all newly manufactured R44 helicopters registered with the FAA.

Robinson Helicopter Company offers a retrofit kit for existing R44 owners, which allows for the installation of the new symmetrical stabilizer on the existing tailcones in the field without the need for a complete tailcone replacement.

“Robinson continues to invest in engineering enhancements that make our aircraft more accessible and easier to fly,” said Kurt Robinson, President of Robinson Helicopter Company. “Our aim is to deliver unrivaled safety and reliability so pilots can accomplish their mission with confidence.”


Robinson Helicopter Company is actively collaborating with civil airworthiness authorities worldwide to secure foreign validations for this empennage configuration. As these regulatory approvals are obtained, foreign-registered R44 helicopters will be delivered with the new empennage as standard.


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