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Rolls-Royce, Alpine Helicopters renew fleet operator agreement

March 5, 2015  By Rolls-Royce

March 5, 2015, Orlando, Fla. - Rolls-Royce and Alpine Helicopters have agreed to extend a Fleet Operator Agreement supporting the Canadian company’s M250-powered fleet.

Alpine Helicopters, based in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, has been providing year-round world class helicopter services since 1961. Alpine specializes in tourism sightseeing, helicopter skiing and commercial operations.

Alpine operates a total of 19 helicopters powered by Rolls-Royce M250 engines, including Bell 407 and Bell 206 models.

The Rolls-Royce Fleet Operator Agreement offers benefits tailored to Alpine Helicopters. Alpine commits to utilizing only genuine Rolls-Royce authorized parts and repairs through the M250 FIRST network. Rolls-Royce will broaden support by offering a rebate structure on specified parts kits, free-of-charge M250 engine technical publications, and direct access to Rolls-Royce’s Customer Support team.

Tim McGrath, Rolls-Royce, Vice President, Helicopters, said, “We are pleased to continue our longstanding customer relationship with Alpine Helicopters. Alpine is known for having some of the best and most experienced pilots, engineers and management in the helicopter industry, and we are proud to support this great operator.”


Dave Gubbels, Alpine Helicopters, President, said, “Alpine Helicopters is proud of our long relationship with Rolls-Royce as they continue to provide excellent support for our M250-powered aircraft. We need this support in the tough environment we operate in.”

The trusted Rolls-Royce M250 engine line has topped 235 million flight hours from more than 31,000 engines delivered to the marketplace. These have powered more than 100 aircraft types and about 15,000 are in service around the world in civilian and military use.


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