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Savvy real estate firms tapping UAV technology

May 7, 2015, Halifax - The camera rises high into the air and a sweeping scene of the Bedford Basin comes into view. Against the coastal odds, it’s a clear day, as boats pull in and out of Halifax harbour along the water.

May 7, 2015
By The Globe and Mail


The camera pans left, turning 360 degrees to reveal the neighbouring
landscape: Mount Saint Vincent University, Clayton Park, Fairview. The
scene fades to black.

This is not the cold open of a feature film. It’s a marketing video for Icon Bay,
a 24-storey condo tower being developed by City Centre Property
Management along the Bedford Highway. It’s meant to show the views
available to prospective buyers, all the way up to the penthouse.

But the video wasn’t shot from the penthouse. When it was filmed, the tower hadn’t even been built. | READ MORE


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