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Vector Aerospace picks up special delivery

August 29, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

Aug. 29, 2013, Vancouver - Vector Aerospace Corporation loaded four upgraded Eurocopter AS332L helicopters onto an An-124 Antonov at Vancouver International Airport on Aug. 28.

Two of these helicopters are Australia-bound for use in offshore oil rig servicing contracts; the other two are being sent to Afghanistan for utility operations. Vector Aerospace has worked closely with Panalpina Inc's air freight division to charter the Antonov and coordinate this event.

“We are pleased to be in a position to offer our helicopter services globally, and hope to continue to expand our business accordingly,” says Elvis Moniz, Vice President of Operations in Langley B.C. “The fact that we are using a special aircraft such as the Antonov to expedite delivery to our customers is a testament to the importance of the roles these helicopters will play in their designated missions.”

Today’s shipment of AS332L helicopters occurs as part of Vector Aerospace Financial Services (VFS)’s Eurocopter AS332L aircraft leasing and by the hour support program. As part of this unique new service offering, Vector acquires and upgrades aircraft with new technology including cockpit upgrades, NVG and CV/FDR solutions and weight reduction programs. Vector’s lease program gives operators the ability to operate an AS332L helicopter without the large capital investment associated with the outright purchase of a new aircraft and with the full support of a by the hour utilization program.

“The upgraded AS332L combined with the full support package is ideal for operators serving the UN, Nato and Utility markets around the world,” says Balkiz Sarihan, Vice President of Business Development and Strategy.



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